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"In a world where headless figures run on floating platforms chasing weird flying beings that have stolen their hearts. Only you can bring it all to an end..."

This was meant to be a quick first simple game to get some practice at game making for mobile. Ended up getting dragged on for years but I'm ready to call it done.

One level with random platforms and game bugs.



Jump:  Arrow Key UP / CONTROL / Z / C 
Shoot: Arrow Key DOWN / SHIFT / SPACE / X

Fullscreen: F

Debug keys that I used for testing but still in the game

Speed Up Game: . 

Slow Down Game: ,


Tap Screen: Jump
Tap Red Circle When Charged: Shoot


Tile Screen: Sese Square

Music: James Primate

Design: Franklin's Ghost

Known issues

  • Can get stuck in falling animation when landing on a platform.
  • May flicker between different animations when reaching the end.


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Hiko Run (Windows) 19 MB
Hiko Run (Android) 18 MB


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I always been a huge fan of your visual style, but this one in correlation with the background works surprisingly well. The 'battle' between the headless body and the heart is kind of metaphorical in my opinion, chasing after the heart and the dreams within it, it's beautiful in its own way and still so much fun. Especially the animation when the runner hangs on the platform and makes its way hand over hand along it was my personal favorite moment. :) A wonderful little game which I included in a compilation article about the Finally Finish Something 2018 jam and also it's featured in the related showcase video. Keep up the great work! Can't wait for your next game. :)

Best wishes,